Avid Digidesign Command 8

Excellent condition and in perfect working order. Just a couple of tiny marks as shown in the pictures.

Comes with original box/psu/manual and FireWire lead.

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Manley VOXBOX®

The VOXBOX® combines the legendary Manley Mono Mic Preamp, the ELOP reborn as a lower ratio compressor, the MID EQ blown out as a full range PEAK-DIP-PEAK EQ, and a DeEsser with a second ELOP limiter at the end. Using … Read More

Manley TNT Mic Preamp

Here is a twist: two different and discrepant mic preamps in one box for two different colors. One channel is the exact same micpre as in Manley’s SLAM! with tubes and transformers. The second preamp is a fresh “No Tubes” … Read More

Manley Stereo Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor – Mastering Version

One of Manley’s most acclaimed products over the years has been the Stereo Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor. This fantastic tube compressor brings punch and weight to anything from a drum buss, to your overall mix. The Vari Mu uses it’s “remote cut-off” or re-biasing in the vacuum tubes, creating it’s distinct style of compression. This technique is shared with the famed Fairchild 670. This particular unit is in excellent condition, in perfect working order and has only had one owner from new.… Read More

Manley Stereo Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor

The MANLEY VARIABLE MU® LIMITER COMPRESSOR has been Manley’s best selling product for many years. It is one of the very few compressors that has become a real standard in Mastering studios and contributed to most hit records over the … Read More

Manley SLAM! Mastering Version

Proudly from our beginning, we at MANLEY LABS have been closely involved with numerous mastering facilities around the world. For these most demanding engineers in our industry, we have created specialised products such as our all-tube tape repro head amps, … Read More

Manley SLAM!

SLAM! stands for “Stereo Limiter And Micpre” and it pretty much describes what it will do to most VU meters. We had to put a switch on this limiter to drop its internal VU meters down 3 & 6dB to … Read More

Manley Nu Mu Stereo Limiter Compressor

The Manley Nu Mu Stereo Limiter Compressor uses the special T-Bar mod tube front end of the legendary Variable Mu® with same super smooth side chain and timing characteristics followed by a high voltage discrete and FET solid-state amplifying and output … Read More

Manley MicMAID® Mic-Mic Preamp Matrix/Switcher

Any mic, any pre, any time. Plug your four favorite mics and micpreamps into the MicMAID, and pick the best combination for every session. With its convenient level-matching capabilities and user-programmable routing schemes, this is the ultimate tool for auditioning … Read More

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